Top Seven Social Media Platforms To Grow Your Business

When you decide to grow your business to have an online presence with your customers, it is important to know which ones to watch, and control as far as what people say about you. Plus see how each one can bring traffic to your offers.

A good resource to see the traffic insights is a place like Alexa. You can research each site and find where your target traffic is with your audience. A list below are the top traffic sites you want to share your blog posts for best engagement and places to be seen.

1. Google.com

Google.com is listed first in Alexa and has been for some time. Facebook keeps fighting for this spot. Although Google is not a social media platform, there is Google Plus which can be considered a social media platform where you can share your updates.

Give it a Plus + button to emphasize the content as well. When you share it on Google Plus, it gives the content another ranking with the search engines to who you are connected with as far as followers, friends and any lists you have created with your Google Plus profile. Yet, what can be found is that Google gives you more views to your Google Plus profile when you post videos on YouTube since your Google Plus profile features your videos as well.


2. Facebook.com

Facebook.com is listed second in Alexa and has kept the position for some time. There are many ways inside of Facebook to grow your business presence. If you haven’t read my post on Facebook Basic you can do so by clicking here.

Fan pages

To have a professional presence online, you must have a Fanpage to target people for your business with paid traffic. These are usually stand-alone sites that you can show your business without people having to log in to the social network as well.

You can have different applications and call to actions on the Fanpage itself to direct your audience to different offers and your website. These are shown in different locations on the FanPage itself, and always changing, of course.

Many that leverage the traffic on the Fan pages, do so with their content and sharing to other relevant pages to create more engagement. Be sure to update regularly for your audience to get the most value in what you have to offer.

Facebook Ads

There are many options in direct targeting to ads. It depends on what your goals are in your paid traffic. Here are the options that are available right now with ads:

Boost your posts Go ahead and post on your fan page and to get more engagement and traffic with your current fans and friends as you can boost that post within a set budget.

Promote your page While it is good to get exposure for your brand, getting likes to your page helps show social authority and proof as well. There has been some discrepancy on whether this type of advertisement is really helpful for your business. You can set options for when the visitor clicks like, you are directed to options like their timeline or an app that can go to your website. So consider your goal in getting more likes on your page.

Send people to your website This is a popular one to direct people to an offer. Be aware of the goals you have with your website for best results.

Increase conversions on your website This is best done with the tracking pixels Facebook offers to track the visitors that have already come to your website. Offer them an incentive to come back to your website again.

Get installs of your app This is a very specific offer inside of Facebook since Facebook offers particular apps on your Fanpage to have different functions. Look up particular ones to drive the best offer for the results you seek. See more information inside of Facebook HERE.

Increase engagement in your app This focus can help you increase your brand and get you more results with the app you use inside of Facebook.

Reach people near your business This function is very helpful for local businesses to create more awareness to their brand and services.

Raise attendance at your event This focus is helpful when you create an event on Facebook. This creates awareness to your event whether it is online or offline, or simply an offer.


Get people to claim your offer This is only done as an update on your page. Facebook tracks how many clicks to your offer and views, etc.

Get video views This is a hot one recently with one marketer sharing training on how to get views for .0001. You can really get a lot more exposure with video on Facebook since they are working on competing with YouTube traffic. Be clear on your target and you are set to go.


Video Live features are coming out to comparative sites like Periscope, MeVee, and Meerkat. Facebook first offered the Facebook Mentions app just for celebrity fan pages and have now rolled out their live feature to US iPhone users. Soon will have more Android users and more around the world. Right now simply uploading a video allows you to have the different call to actions at the end of your video available on your Fan page, and not on your personal profile.


Inviting people to groups can also work for growing your business and engagement. Keep a focused community and goal and you can have high engagement inside. There are many other functions inside the groups like upload files, pictures in albums along with setting events as well.


Your personal profile can also have functions to grow your business with your header image, link to your fan page, and how you construct your updates to your focus.


Messaging your prospects directly can happen in your personal profile along with your fan page as well. You can create pre-set messages in your fan page and set it up on your phone shortcode for your personal profile. This function can help those that offer services and helps in relationship building.


3. Youtube.com

YouTube is also a very hot social media platform that allows prospects to get a real feel of what you have to offer. This platform is also set up to do targeting ads in many different functions to banner popups, video ads on the video and so much more. Leverage where you want your brand seen! Be on the lookout for a future post on all things video and my friends 50 video challenge that I take.


4. Twitter.com

Twitter is one of the classic social media platforms that allows short updates to direct people in many different functions. More videos show up in the news stream due to the live video apps like Periscope and images as well. Leverage this platform with their ads as well. Grab more followers and target high follower profiles as well as simple hashtags and keywords. Hashtags are simply keywords with the # sign in front. Like #socialmedia It is highlighted within the social network and you can find other tweets of people talking about that hashtag as well. I recently published a basic tutorial for Twitter, you can read it by clicking here.


5. LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn is a professional site for business owners. This site can help show ones resume in a more clear fashion. Connect with people in your industry with recommendations. There is also a function to use ads as well. These can be focused with different goals as well.


6. Instagram.com

This is a newer social media platform focused on images. People find images through hashtags and profiles on this site and can only have one link in the profile. Facebook just took over this platform so now you can do mobile ads on Facebook with your Instagram account. You can also promote ads on Instagram without an Instagram account as well. Find ways to stand out with your images with a statement and offer contests to create more engagement. I have another post that delves a little further into Instagram, just click here to read it. This platform can be a game changer if you know what you are doing.


7. Pinterest.com

This platform has been mainly focused for women as it is also an image focused platform. Depending on your target audience, you can find ways to grow your business by leveraging their platform with ads as well. The focus of the ads can create more engagement to a certain image for more brand awareness. To learn even more about Pinterest, just click here to read this short how-to guide to growing your brand or business with Pinterest.


Keep your focus with your target audience and your goals to create the results you seek when growing your business with the social media platforms. To anybody just getting started in business or to utilize social media in your business, start slow. I suggest starting with Facebook or Instagram and expanding from there. It’s really easy with all the different avenues of social media to try and dive into everything all at once, lose your focus, get distracted and accomplish nothing. Learn, dominate, somewhat automate and move on to the next. We have an amazing social media service to help you dominate your target market.

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