The Basics of Growing Your Brand or Business with Twitter

Social media is a gold mine for growing a brand or business, that is if it done correctly. Then you have to take into account that each social media platform is slightly different and takes a specialized marketing strategy in order to perfect.

Twitter is one such social media platform. Of course, attempting to utilize Twitter to brand will be a completely different experience than the one used from Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. It has been said repeatedly before that in today’s modern age, there needs to be equal time spent managing all your social media fronts as well as the time put into your storefront. That’s the fact that many brands or businesses seem to forget.


Basic Tips For Using Twitter

The first and more important rule of using Twitter as a branding tool is to keep it consistent with your brand image. With the ease of “tweeting” potentially hundreds of tiny informational messages, photos and links within the timespan of just a few minutes, it is extremely important to keep this consistent. There are tools available to schedule your tweets out for days at a time.  You can even schedule them right on twitter but you have to know the trick to it. Like with interacting with human beings don’t be robotic or spammy. Be REAL!

Think of it like this, if a potential follower or customer is scrolling through your Twitter page, you want them to get enough information for them to formulate an opinion or view of you and your brand. You also want to leave them searching for more information, meaning they might either visit your other social media sites or even your site. Most importantly you want a loyal follower. Somebody who will not only see and read your tweets but interact with you, have conversations with you and share your content. This is the end goal of a Twitter branding campaign.



Other ways to accomplish this ultimate end goal are these must follow, Twitter ideas:

  • Write a good and engaging bio, don’t bore people with excessive amounts of information
  • Have a consistent brand image, you need a consistent brand voice, your tone through text so to speak. Again just be you, be real.
  • Choose a background and other images that represent you and the brand, don’t just post random photos! (Also, change your background from time to time to keep things interesting, but stay within your brand style and niche.)
  • Determine your brand purpose and stick to it.
  • Talk to your audience, your target audience, and talk to the people you follow as well. You never know who is going to respond or what connection is going to give you that next jump in business.


A final pro-tip for navigating the sometimes confusing Twitter world is to always, always respond to your customers. I know I am kind of repeating myself here but it’s worth repeating several times.  If someone posts a nice comment about your brand or a product of yours, acknowledge it. This helps to build you a positive reputation on the social media site and that is a big deal.

So if you follow all of these tips and post engaging content on your Twitter pages that link back to your brand image and purpose, you’ll be well on your way to effectively using the marketing power of Twitter. Look at this as a basis for your beginning to start using Twitter or be more consistent and intentional with Twitter. Don’t stop here and continue to learn more. Do your research and keep coming back every week for more.

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