Instagram Basics for You and Your Business

Instagram has become a social media giant. It recently announced that it had surpassed Twitter with total number of followers, bringing in over 300 million users. Each day, over seventy million photos and videos are shared between its impressive number of users. Born in 2010, this dream that started between friends has grown to be one of the most powerful social media marketing tools that is available for brands and businesses to grow themselves through pictures and short videos.

But what makes Instagram different from any of the other social media platforms? Are you just plain confused about how to go about using it to promote your brand or business? Have no fear, I have put together a short guide of Instagram Basics for You and Your Business.

Instagram First Steps

The first step in getting started on Instagram is to determine and target your audience. If you are a business or in business, you should already know this. If you don’t, get a hold of me immediately for help. Not every brand or company will be targeting the same audience so it is important to determine what your target audience is and stick to getting in front of and influencing them to like, follow, comment and ultimately buy from you.

Some people think that Instagram is only geared towards the younger, more urban generations. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Trends are showing that the older generations are following along and joining the Instagram platform every day, which will only cause the social media giant to become an even better place to market yourself, your brand and your business.

Brand Marketing with Instagram

Brand marketing can be somewhat limited on Instagram, that is beyond having a business Instagram. That’s the place where every business should start, having a good Instagram feed with a dedicated and loyal following. Beyond that, marketing opportunities can be restricted if you don’t know what you are doing.


Recently, Instagram has started to allow a few sponsored ads, targeted at specific users but this type of marketing has only been made available to a few select big name brands and not every small business hoping to market itself and its brand via the social media platform. So here’s a simple version of how to do this kind of nose to the ground marketing using Instagram, without relying on sponsored and/or targeted ads.

  • Build a community around a hashtag (Pro-tip, you won’t survive in the Instagram world without using a hashtag or ten in your posts!)
  • Partner with a good cause to increase your brand’s values
  • Relate to your followers but always remain relative to your brand (don’t lose sight of your brand’s purpose or message!)
  • Avoid the urge to over-post (it’s the death of a marketing strategy)
  • Use your other social media platforms to promote your Instagram
  • Find the beauty in your brand and use it to make engaging and interesting Instagram photos (Nothing attracts attention like an attention grabbing post)
  • If you aren’t familiar with Instagram, get comfortable with the app and use all of its available features to launch your marketing strategy
  • Borrow inspiration from others and expand upon it
  • Interact to gain a following (this is a must for any brand looking to market effectively on Instagram)

There you have it, the simplified way to use Instagram to quickly build a profile to successfully market your brand and company through yet another social media platform. Keep in mind that social media is changing often, sometimes daily. For instance, just today Instagram made it possible for you to be able to switch between multiple accounts. Click here for their full article.

Generating Leads with Instagram Daily

Now these are really like the heading says just the basics. There is so much you can accomplish with Instagram for your business and in many ways can put it on auto pilot and start generating leads for your business daily. As an example, I am currently generating a minimum of two laser targeted leads for my business every single day. Just from Instagram and more than 90% of this process is automated.

If you would like to learn more, get in contact with me or connect with me on Facebook. I would love to learn about you and your business.

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